Recipe: Awesome Homemade Pre-workout Supplement


Pre-workout supplements are packed full of tried-and-tested ingredients, guaranteed to kick your workout into a higher gear – but they don’t always have everything you want in them.

Most of the ingredients used by the big supplement companies are available in their own right, so there’s no reason you can’t make our own unique blend, tailor-made to suit your own exacting requirements. Here are a few suggestions of what to include in your own homemade pre-workout supplement.


Protein is an obvious inclusion in any supplement, but BCAAs buy-now-1 have the edge over Whey Isolate when making a pre-workout. As well as being easily absorbed by the body, their anti-catabolic effect is perfect for taking in the morning before a session, to slow-down the catabolic effect of last night’s eight hours of sleep.

Effective Serving Size: 5g


Caffeine buy-now-1 is a staple of so many products because it works, but the benefit of including it in your own supplement is your control over the exact dosages. Most pre-workouts pack Caffeine into their products until the seams are fit to burst, but this isn’t ideal for everyone. If you’re new to the world of caffeine, start off with a smaller dose, and increase it gradually. You’re liable to develop a tolerance to it, so having control over your own supplementation is perfect for managing caffeine as effectively as possible.

Effective Serving Size: 200mg


Most products include Arginine as their Nitric Oxide precursor of choice, but recent research suggests that Citrulline is more effective at facilitating NO production. Because you’re making your own supplement, you don;t have to settle for a second best ingredient, so buy yourself a tub of Citrulline Malate buy-now-1 , it’s most bio-available form, and take your pump to a new level.

Effective Serving Size: 6g


Creatine Monohydrate is one of the most well-researched supplements around, and it’s proven effects on increasing ATP transfer and muscular strength are famous in bodybuilding circles. When including in your own pre-workout, you can opt for the incredibly good-value Monohydrate buy-now-1 , or go slightly more up-market and choose one of the many Micronized compounds (such as Creatine Ethyl Ester) that improve bio-availability and solubility in water.

Effective Serving Size: 5g

These are the basic ingredients that you should always include in a pre-workout supplement, but the brilliance of making your own blend is the ability to include anything you want – if you want a more stimulant heavy supplement, try adding more Caffeine, or if you want a more protein-rich supplement, try adding some additional Leucine or Iso-Leucine into the blend.

The only downside of this process is it’s taste – most supplement companies spend millions on the taste of their supplements, and very few actually succeed in making an enjoyable product – if you’re not willing to hold your nose and chug it down, I recommend mixing it with a drink you enjoy, like fruit juice or an energy drink (just make sure you don’t add caffeine to an already caffeinated drink).

Once you’ve done that though, you’re the proud owner of a pre-workout designed especially for your exact workout needs.

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